Yellow Croaker

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Yellow Croaker
Sea Yellow Croaker vs Cultured Yellow Croaker

Cantonese: (Wong Fa Yue)

Wild ones are rare and very limited in supply. Meat is tender and fine and taste is fresh and sweet. Most suitable for steaming or pan frying. Wild Yellow Croakers are quite pricely but cultured live Yellow Croakers are now available. The latter has a milder taste and lacks the unique flavour of marine fish.

Fish Recipes: Pan-fried yellow croaker with sauce

Sea Yellow Croaker vs Cultured Yellow Croaker

To tell a wild marine Yellow Croaker from a cultured one, look at the shape of its head and the body colour. The former has a more pointed head and the colour gradation is more refined with clear grains; the latter's head is more rounded and colour is duller.

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