Steamed rice with crabs

材料: Cream crab and meat crab, 1 each; 300g rice; some chopped spring onion.

時間: 1 hour

1.Clean the cream and meat crabs, remove the lungs and hearts, then cut into large pieces.
2.Wash the rice and soak in water for half an hour. Spread evenly on a flat steaming dish, add water until about ¼ inch above rice surface.
3.Steam the rice over water for 10 minutes. It should be half cooked. Place the crab pieces on top and steam for 8 minutes until crabs are well done.
4.Sprinkle chopped spring onion on top to serve.

The most difficult part is to kill and prepare the live crabs. You cannot ask the fishmonger to do this as live crabs must be prepared just before cooking to preserve its fresh taste.

If you prefer Chiuchow style glutinous rice with crabs or Taiwan style red crabs with sticky rice, use sticky rice instead of ordinary rice.

You can soak the rice or sticky rice overnight. This way there is no need to add water when cooking. The rice will be more springy. To add a fresh aromatic flavour, line the rice with a piece of lotus leaf.
21 Feb 2020