Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter
  • A. Introduction to Various Types of Fishing Boats
  • B. Fishermen’s Life
  • C. What’s More in the Typhoon Shelter…

Before 1960s, most of the fishing boats in Hong Kong were wind driven.  Yet today, virtually all of them are mechanized and driven by engine.  Fishing boats can be divided into four categories according to their mode of operation:

1. Trawling: including pair-trawler (“suo gu tuo”), Hong Kong trawler (“xia jiu tuo”);

2. Purse-seining: including single sail junk (“gu peng ting”), purseseiner (“gu zai ting”);

3. Gill-netting: including gill-netter (“wang ting”), “he lao” sampan;

4. Lining: including middle-sized fishing boat (“zhong diao ting”).