Aberdeen Fish Market
  • A. Handling of Catches
  • B. Bulk Trading (“da zong pan”)
  • C. The Fish Marketing Organization
  • D. Fish Wholesale and Trading

In the past, offshore fishing boats would freeze the catches, and unload them at the wholesale fish market upon their return.  The fishes would then be sold to the wholesalers and fish traders.

Nowadays, to save fuel cost and time, most of the fishing boats will pass the catches onto a collecting agent once they catch the fishes.  The agent will land the catches at the home port - Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market.  In general, the fishermen will contact suitable buyers to negotiate and determine the price when the collecting agent is on the way home. This practice helps achieve better efficiency because it shortens the time to settle the deal.

After the loads of marine fishes with price determined are transported on shore, they will be handed over to the wholesalers and fish traders, and then sent to restaurants or for sale in the marketplace.