Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum

Address: 45 Tung Tau Wan Road, Stanley
Tel: 2147 3199
Opening Hours:
10:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday and public holidays
Admission: Free
Over the years, films and TV drama set in prisons have never lost their appeal. Evidently people have great imaginations about life behind bars. Do gang fighting, breakouts and savage torture really happen in prisons? The Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum has all the answers.

Stepping into the museum, visitors see not movie pictures or props, but real photos of corporate punishment and jail diaries. Although more than a hundred years old, they still send shivers up your spine. Nine exhibition galleries in the museum present more than 600 exhibits, including the correction services system, forms of punishment, threats inside the prison and uniforms of correctional services officers. This collection is a record of the history and evolution of Hong Kong's correctional services from Victorian times to this day.

Be prepared for interesting discoveries, for the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum is anything but a dull narration of prison life. There are bilingual interpretation for the exhibits, plus a 30-minute video that unveils the world behind bars. The simulated gallows on the 2nd floor is enhanced by sound effect to deliver a graphic portrayal of execution. Amongst the many galleries, exhibits about contraband goods and Vietnamese boat people are most interesting. In addition to ordinary contraband goods like drug supplies and weapons, there are also DIY varieties like fans, wine-making tools and musical instruments.

Before leaving the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum, don't forget to visit the lookout outside the auxiliary gallery. The terrace offers the dreamy seascape of Tai Tam Bay, and a lovely breath of freedom.

Barrierfree Travel Index:

The museum is equipped with an artificial ramp for wheelchair users and wide access. There are also toilets for the disabled.