Country Parks

People always associate Hong Kong with modern and fast pace metropolitan life. On Hong Kong Island, however, another face of our city can be found. The Southern District is home to vast expanses of forests, rolling peaks and several reservoirs. This sylvan haven that urbanites yearn for has picturesque country parks and extensive transportation networks, making it a superb choice for weekenders and leisure visitors.
Pokfulam Country Park
  • Pokfulam Native Tree Walk
    • 2.2km
    • Hong Kong's first tree walk featuring native species
  • Starting point of Hong Kong Trail Stage 1
  • Pokfulam Reservoir
  • Peak Trail

Countryside facilities:
Rain shelters, toilets, lookouts, fitness equipment, picnic areas and notice boards with map, Pokfulam Family Walk

The Peak

Take bus no. 15 or 15B or minibus no. 1 to the Peak

For your return journey, bus routes 4, 7, 90B, 91 or 94 to Central or no. 40 to Admiralty

Aberdeen Country Park
  • Picnic area for the physically disabled
Several country trails:
  • Four colour-coded country trails
  • Aberdeen Nature Trail
    • 1.2km
    • Suitable for general visitors
  • Aberdeen Fitness Trail
    • Tree Walk
    • 350m

Countryside facilities:
Nature trail, tree walk, fitness equipment, Tai Chi terrace, hiking trail, picnic area for the physically disabled, barbecue areas, children's play facilities and visitor information centre

  • Black's Link, Wanchai Gap
  • Aberdeen Reservoir Road, Wanchai Gap
  • Lady Clementi's Ride, Nam Fung Road
  • Peel Rise, the Peak

Take green minibus no. 4A or 4C at Lockhart Road in Causeway Bay, or no. 4B at Wanchai, to Shek Pai Wan Road in Aberdeen. After getting off, follow Aberdeen Reservoir Road up the hill

For your return journey, take bus no. 15 or15B  at Wahchai Gap to the Peak or the city You can also catch bus no. 6, 6A, 63 or 66 in Wong Ngai Chung Gap to the city
Barbecue Areas in Aberdeen Country Park : 6 barbecue areas are distributed across Aberdeen Country Park, including one for the physically disabled. Apart from hikers, these spots are also suitable for driving visitors. Distribution Map
Tai Tam Country Park
  • Four reservoirs:
    Tai Tam Upper Reservoir, Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir, Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir and Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
  • Wartime relics:
    Forts, magazines and wartime communal stoves
Several country trails:
  • Tai Tam Country Trail
  • Tai Tam Tree Walk
  • Wong Nai Chung Tree Walk
  • Quarry Bay Jogging Trail
  • Quarry Bay Tree Walk
  • Hong Pak Country Trail
Area :

Countryside facilities:
Many picnic and barbecue areas, rain shelters and children's play facilities


  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 6: In Quarry Bay, walk uphill along Mount Parker Road. It takes about an hour to get to the starting point in Quarry Gap.

    For your return journey, take bus no. 4, green minibus no. 16M or bus no. 314 (only on public holidays).

  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 5: Take bus no. 6, 6A or green minibus no. 5 or 36. Get off at the bus stop outside Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park on Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. Walk up the road past the northern bank of the reservoir and Parkview for the starting point.

    For your return journey, walk north from Mount Butler Road to Quarry Bay.

  • Wilson Trail Stage 1: Take bus no. 6, 6A, 6X, 73 or 260, or green minibus no. 16M or 40. Get off at the bus stop for Wilson Trail on Stanley Gap Road.

    For your return journey, catch bus no. 6, or 61 or green minibus no. 5 or 36 in Wong Nai Chung Gap.
Barbecue Areas in Tai Tam Country Park : Tai Tam Country Park offers vast space and lakeview barbecue areas far away from the city bustle. Distribution Map
Shek O Country Park
  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 7
    Tai Tam Road catchment to To Tei Wan
  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 8
    Dragon's Back to Big Wave Bay
  • Pottinger Peak Country Trail
    Pottinger Gap to Cape Collinson Road
  • Near Big Wave Bay Picnic Area, Shek O Headland Picnic Area and Shek O Beach

Countryside facilities:
Many picnic and barbecue areas

  • Portal at the junction of Hong Kong Trail Stage 7 and Stage 8:
    To Tei Wan village bus stop, Shek O Road
  • Tai Tau Chau portal:
    Get to Shek O Village via the path next to the mini golf course at the bus terminus on Shek O Road. From there, walk to Shek O Headland

  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 8: Take bus no. 9 in Shaukeiwan. Get off at the To Tei Wan bus stop on Shek O Road.

    For your return journey, walk from Big Wave Bay to Shek O or catch bus no. 9 on Shek O Road.

  • Pottinger Peak Country Trail: Take bus no. 9. Get off at the Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution, and start at the path that leads to Pottinger Gap.

    For your return journey, you can catch a minibus outside Cape Collinson Correctional Institution on Cape Collinson Road (only during service hours of correctional staff). You can also walk to Chaiwan along Cape Collinson Road.

  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 7: Take bus no. 14, green minibus no. 16M or bus no. 314 (only on public holidays). Get off at the Tai Tam Reservoir North bus stop on Tai tam Road. Follow the steps downhill.

    For your return journey, catch bus no. 9 on Shek O Road above To Tei Wan.