Mid-autumn Festival Fire Dragon Dance in Pok Fu Lam Village

The fire dragon dance in Pok Fu Lam Village has become a highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival, recreating a century-old ritual.  As night falls, apart from joining the unique ceremony of fire dragon dance by personally placing incense sticks onto the bodies of the dragons to pray for good health, festival goers can also appreciate the elegant figures of the fire dragons lit with thousands of incense sticks at a close distance, as well as watching performers carrying the dragons that billow smoke, shaking and dipping their heads and tails just like dancing through the streets, an unforgettable festive night out indeed.

During the activity, several fire dragons made of straw will parade through Pok Fu Lam Village.  The fire dragons will first pay homage at the Earth God altar and the Li Ling Divine pagoda inside the village to pray for safety and good luck of all villagers.  Afterwards, they will dance their way to the Waterfall Bay where they return to the sea, thereby completing the traditional ritual named “dragon’s return to the sea”.

Date : 4 October
Venue: Pok Fu Lam Village




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