Aberdeen Fish Market Guided Tour


Supplying over 70 percent of seafood in Hong Kong – Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market has all along been a seafood trading place in the industry and is mysterious to the public.  Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market has been developing since 1950s and experiencing the development of Hong Kong fishing industry from a fishing village to an international seafood import trading hub, attracting seafood imported to Hong Kong from all over the world.

With an aim of deepening public understanding of the Aberdeen fishing culture, the    2017 Southern District Tourism and Culture Festival Organising Committee will conduct an “Aberdeen Fish Market Guided Tour” from August to September 2017.  The tour will be led by a seafood expert in the industry, guiding the participants to have a walk tour in the Market and introducing the categories of quality seafood and their preservation methods, etc.  Participants can also join a seafood lunch at their own expense.

Date: August – September 2017
Venue: Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market


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