Lit That Heart – Guided Tour for the Southern Literary Trail cum Creative Market Fair

The Southern District Council has started mapping out a plan for the “Southern District Literary Trail” since 2010, whereby commemorative landmarks will be established along the way to connect the spots where five literati/scholars, namely Eileen Chang, Hu Shih, Cai Yuanpei, Xiao Hong and Xu Dishan, have left their footprints.  When strolling along the Literary Trail at leisure, local people and overseas visitors may admire the footprints left by these cultural luminaries in a tribute to their past ties with Hong Kong.

Guided tours on the “Southern District Literary Trail”  were organised between August and September 2017 for the public to discover nostalgia for the past through better understanding of the landmarks, historic buildings and declared monuments along the Southern District Literary Trail.  Besides, to foster the development of marine tourism of the Southern District and promote local culture and traditional values, guided sampan tours  were staged as well.  After boarding sampans at the Aberdeen Promenade, tour members embarked on a cruise trip via Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park, etc., during which a docent will offer narratives on the history of the fishing harbour of Aberdeen and share interesting stories, enabling them to recall the ambience of Aberdeen as a fishing harbour.

Creative Market Fair also was organized at Stanley Promenade in August 2017. A variety of limited handicrafts related to the “Southern District Literary Trail” and folk art such as flower plaques handmade workshops set up. Sale of traditional snacks, limited handmade candy and tea ice cream, etc are also available.

Guided Tour Date: Between August and September 2017 (every Saturday and Sunday)
Creative Market Fair Date: August 2017 (every Saturday and Sunday)



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