The glamour of Victoria Harbour portrays the affluence and prosperity of our City.  On the south side of Hong Kong Island, there stretches a vastly different landscape.  The spectacular view of crystal blue sky and glittering sea in a distance, with the beautiful surroundings of stunning greenery and mountains will captivate your heart and refresh your soul.

Southern District is a piece of precious land to foster the growth of talents.  Many remarkable figures in contemporary Chinese literature circle left their footprints and a lot of touching stories in this place.  This is the place where the legendary Eileen Chang created the immortal saga of her book Love in a Fallen City (傾城之戀), and the final chapter of Xiao Hong ended with the deepest sorrow in her life.  There were also Hu Shih, advocate and pioneer in the promotion of vernacular Chinese; Cai Yuanpei, the Father of Peking University; and Xu Dishan, the author of The Peanut (落花生) who stayed here for good with the world’s admiration.

By retracing the footsteps of five notable contemporary literary figures, namely Eileen Chang, Hu Shih, Cai Yuanpei, Xiao Hong and Xu Dishan, the Southern District Council has built their commemorative landmarks at the respective locations to form the Literary Trail in the district.  The Trail will bring a new perspective for the public to appreciate literature.  Apart from static reading of literary work, it also enables people to experience the elegance of literature in a dynamic way of literature walk at the various landmarks while enjoying their leisure time.


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