Hu Shih
Birth name - Hú Sì Mén胡嗣穈; Style name - Shì Zhī適之.
A scholar and literary giant.

Born in 1891, Shanghai.
Died in 1962, Taiwan.

Hu Shih was appointed the Republic of China’s ambassador to the United States of America and the President of Peking University.  During his overseas study at the Columbia University in the United States, Hu published the article “A Preliminary Discussion of Literary Reform” (文學改良芻議), proposing the ideas of literary reform and the use of written vernacular Chinese.  Hence, he became one of the leading intellectuals of the China’s New Cultural Movement.

During his trip in Hong Kong, Hu delivered five speeches on his advocacy of the vernacular movement, and commented on some education issues in Hong Kong.  He also proposed that Hong Kong should establish itself as “a new cultural centre in southern China”.

Hu was invited by the University of Hong Kong for the appointment as the head of the Department of Chinese.  But he declined and recommended Xu Dishan instead for the position, upon which laid a foundation for the reform of Chinese language education at Hong Kong’s universities.

Footsteps in the Southern District:
In 1935, Hu Shih visited Hong Kong to receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Hong Kong, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Lancelot Forster, had arranged for him a tour to the southern side of Hong Kong Island, including Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, Aberdeen and Stanley.  Hu had been captivated by the beautiful scenery of mountains and sea and praised that “Hong Kong should have its own poets and artists to eulogize its fine natural setting”.  While enjoying his afternoon tea at the St. Stephen’s College in Stanley, he also said that “look at sunset over the sea, what a refreshing and beautiful scene” and “this place named Stanley has such a spectacular landscape”.


Literary Landmark:
HS’s Tic Tac Toe
St. Stephen’s College, Stanley
Completion Date:
June 2015
Swigney, ARVELO BAUTISTA (School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Design Concept:
The designer aims to enable the passersby to have a better understanding of the life, works and ideas of Hu Shih through a tic tac toe game printed with the extract of his writing and ideas in the form of a 3-dimensional matrix.