Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay Beach and Life Guard Club's Terraces

Address: Beach Road, Repulse Bay
Amongst the many lovely beaches in the Southern District, the Repulse Bay is the most popular one for tourists from near and far. Sweeping sand sets against luxury residential homes, the bay is a scenic spot blending modernity and classic elegance. The name Repulse Bay comes from HMS Repulse, a British naval vessel stationed here in the 1840's.

The Repulse Bay is the most spectacular architecture on the bayside slopes. This character building was formerly the Repulse Bay Hotel built in the 1920's. Renowned for its British architectural style and unique cut-out form, it earned the admiration of every visitor. During WWII, the Repulse Bay Hotel was used as a stronghold and a hospital by the British forces. Over the years, it became a favourite spot for the literati and artists. In her novel Love in a Fallen City, famous writer Zhang Ai-ling arranged her leading male and female characters to meet here. The hotel also featured in two Hollywood movies: Love is a Many Splendored Thing and Coming Home. These classics have enriched the Repulse Bay's legendary story. In 1982, the hotel was redeveloped into The Repulse Bay, a service apartment complex. Take a stroll in the continental shopping arcade on the ground floor and elegant gardens, spend a moment in the scenes of vintage movies, or enjoy a nice cup of English tea and embark on a nostalgic journey in time. The choice is entirely yours.

Life Guard Club's Terraces by the beach have a dazzling display of deities and figures from Chinese mythology. The statues, the Longevity Pavilion, the Longevity Bridge and the Life Guard Club are all perfect backgrounds for holiday shots.