Famous Sights and Historical Monuments of the Southern District

Embracing a vast area from Shek O in the east to Pokfulam in the west, the Southern District is a scenic back garden of Hong Kong Island. The long history and unique fishing heritage of the district have bestowed upon her rich cultural heritage, including many declared monuments gazetted by the Antiquities and Monuments Office (e.g. Old Stanley Police Station; the exterior of University Hall, the University of Hong Kong; and rock carving at Big Wave Bay) and historical buildings. Whether you are locally born and bred or a visitor from overseas, you will find famous sights of the Southern District enchanting. Take a little time to discover the stories behind each of them, and you will have a whole new understanding of Hong Kong's colourful past, folk traditions and interesting way of life.
Barrierfree Travel Index

To make travelling more convenient and enjoyable for the physically disabled and elderly, many attractions in the district have barrierfree facilities like escalators, ramps, lifts, extra wide accesses and toilets for the disabled. Visitors can check out the barrierfree index on this website.

Barrierfree facilities available at individual tourist sights are indicated by index, on a scale of 0(inadequate) to 5(most adequate), complete with explanatory notes.

Physically disabled visitors can also tour the Southern District in groups by making arrangements with organisations like the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR). HKSR runs a transportation service for disabled local or overseas visitors to and from tourist sights. Details are available at