BNP Paribas Museum of Bethanie

Address: 139 Pokfulam Road (next to Chinese Cuisine Training Institute)
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First time visitors to Bethanie would find it hard to believe that they are actually in Hong Kong, but this sanatorium can be found in Pokfulam of the Southern District on Hong Kong Island.

Bethanie House was built by Missions Etrangeres de Paris (French Mission) in 1875 when missionaries carried out religious work across Asia. They used Bethanie as a temporary home or sanatorium. In the 1940's, foreign missionaries were deported from China during the turmoil and revolution, and Missions Etrangeres de Paris' significant role in Hong Kong was also diminishing. The property fell into the hands of Hong Kong Land, Hong Kong University Press and then the Hong Kong Government. In 2003, the right of use was eventually granted to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Bethanie was reborn as a new campus of the Academy's School of Film and Television.

During the two-year restoration project, while refurbishing the existing buildings and adding teaching facilities, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts faced major challenge in recovering missing relics and features which were removed after Bethanie was sold to the previous owners in 1974. These valuable features include 19 stained glass windows, statues of the Twelve Apostles, altar and reredos. The search for these relics to restore Bethanie to its original glory brought HKAPA across the territory and even overseas. Time and again, clues led them to various missions in Hong Kong and government warehouses, and French historian Professor Alain Le Pichon was commissioned to search the French Mission Archives in Paris.

Thanks to concerted effort, Bethanie was successfully restored and open to the public in 2006. When you admire the beautiful relics before you, take a moment to reminisce the stories behind them. Imagine how they were once lost in foreign places or forgotten, and then brought back to their home.

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