Aberdeen Dragon Boat Races

Tuen Ng Festival is not only a traditional Chinese festival, but also a time for staging spectacular sports event.  Dragon boat rowing is known to the world as an international sport.  The dragon boat races held in the Southern District during Tuen Ng Festival has been a highly popular annual event receiving wide coverage in the media.

Apart from celebrating the traditional festival, this annual event has a special significance for the fishermen, who will pray for favourable weather.  The event also attracts the participation of many local organisations and large corporations.  The comparable strength of competing teams adds to the excitement of the race.  When athletes paddle the ornately carved and brightly decorated dragon boats to battle it out on the water, tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators cheer in excitement.  Both the participants and spectators can also take this opportunity to appreciate the unique fishing port character of Aberdeen.

Date: 30 May 2017
Venue: Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter



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