Hung Shing Festival in Ap Lei Chau

Hung Shing Festival, a major annual event in Ap Lei Chau, fell on the 13th of the second lunar month.  The highlight of the festival was the Hung Shing Festival Parade, during which a number of “Fa Pau” (flower-cannon) teams enlivened by dragon and lion dances paraded through the area carrying the statues of Hung Shing and other deities.  With the participation of all residents, the whole area was filled with festive joy.  Starting from Hung Shing Temple Square and heading towards Ap Lei Chau Park along Ap Lei Chau Main Street, the parade carried blessings to the local residents.  In addition, Cantonese opera stars performed “plays for the gods” at a bamboo theatre erected at the ball court inside Ap Lei Chau Park for five consecutive days during the festival to express thanks to the deities for blessings.

Date: 5 March (afternoon)
Venue: After the starting ceremony at Hung Shing Temple Square on Ap Lei Chau, the parade marched through Ap Lei Chau Main Street.



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