Hung Shing Festival in Ap Lei Chau

Ap Lei Chau is densely populated but the growing population has not undermined the heritage of fisherman culture deeply rooted in the past.  The native fishermen worshipped their deity Hung Shing Tai Wong (洪聖大王) as God of the Sea.  It has been a long-established tradition and a major event to celebrate the Hung Shing Festival in the neighbourhood.  During the annual event, there are a wide range of activities, including floats procession, parade, Fa Pao (Paper Floral Tributes), dragon and lion dances, as well as ritual performance of Cantonese opera...thousands of fans flooded the street to share the festive joy.  Every year, local residents organise the preparatory activities of their accord and distribute lucky bags to the people, contributing to building up a friendly community.  In addition, majestic bamboo theatre will be erected at Ap Lei Chau in the middle of March and renowned troupe invited to stage the performances of fantastic Cantonese opera excerpts, adapted from classic Chinese stories and folklore for the fans.

Date :  5 March (pm)
Venue: Hung Shing Temple Plaza for the launch, followed by the procession of various performing groups along the Ap Lei Chau Main Street