Decorated Sampan Fishing Harbour Tour and Variety Show in Celebration of the 69th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

Colour Boating @ Aberdeen Port
The Organising Committee for the Celebration of the 69th National Day in the Southern District will be staging the “Decorated Sampan Fishing Harbour Tour and Variety Show in celebration of the 69th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China” on 29th September. Traditional sampans will be decorated with LED lightings and transformed into colourful boats, shining and sparkling in the dark. The public will be offered free rides along the Aberdeen typhoon shelters to get a taste of the local characteristics. Whether riding on the boat or viewing from the promenade, it would be an unforgettable experience.

The Aberdeen fishing port is the origin of Hong Kong’s fishing history, having a rich cultural heritage. Today it has become the safe haven for many fishing boats during typhoons. Different types of fishing boats anchored in the harbor has made it a unique place of interest for tourists and the sunset scenery at the port is exceptionally stunning.

Special "Light Painting" Photography

The organiser has invited photographers from HK CreArt Photographic Association to teach visitors take “light painting” pictures, so that they can take home their precious moments. Three special templates have been designed and visitors can choose their favourite template and take some beautiful photos in front of the gorgeous view.

Light Painting photography requires a single lens reflex camera, tripod, flash and some glow sticks as props. Apart from getting the right exposure setting, the trick is to have someone waving the glow sticks behind the person being photographed so as to form a light track, creating different special effects. On the event day there will be two photo spots and plenty of photographers on-site helping the public to produce the light paintings. The activity is suitable for small groups or individuals.


Theme: Beautiful Angel

Special glow sticks formed the image of a pair of angel wings, elegant and god-like. This template is suitable for hipsters and couples alike.

Camera Setting: F13 8s iso 80


Theme: Good Luck Windmill

Windmill or hot wheel? Depending on the outfit and pose of the person, different styles and themes can be created.

Camera Setting: F11 6s iso 100


Theme: Dreamy Group Photo

It is better to share the fun! Taking light painting photos with friends is certainly more enjoyable.

Camera Setting: F11 8s iso 80


Theme: Heroes behind the scene

These light painting photos are made possible with these professional photographers fixing the settings and waving the glow sticks.

Event details


29 September, 2018 (Saturday)


6 pm – 9 pm
Free ride on Colour Boats: open for public registration starting from 6 pm. First come first served.


Aberdeen Promenade


Colour Boating, Light Painting photography, Variety Show by local organisations


Free of charge

Supporting Organisations:

Southern District Council
Southern District Office


2552 0192